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Visual Arts

Stafford County Schools offer a comprehensive and engaging Visual Arts curriculum that contributes to the "Fine and Practical Arts" graduation credit. Our Visual and Performing Arts programs provide students with a sequential and immersive educational journey in the arts, nurturing both classroom skills and practical real-world applications. Through artistic exploration, students acquire problem-solving abilities, decision-making skills, self-confidence, and a profound sense of self-expression, all while fostering social-emotional learning.

Visual Arts Course Overview:

  • ART I (Grades 9-12): A foundational course focusing on the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. Emphasis on drawing, painting, graphics, and 3-D activities with a focus on design and composition.
  • ART II (Grades 10-12): Students refine their skills, focusing on individual problem-solving and portfolio development.
  • HONORS ART II (Grades 10-12): Designed for advanced visual arts students preparing for AP or IB art courses, emphasizing higher-level thinking skills and individualized learning opportunities.
  • ART III (Grades 11-12): Continuation of skill refinement across various media with a focus on composition and personal artistic exploration.
  • ART IV (Grades 11-12): An advanced course for visually mature students, emphasizing experimentation with materials and maintaining a progressive portfolio.

Additional Courses:

  • SCULPTURE AND CERAMICS (Grades 10-12): Explores three-dimensional media and techniques, including sculpture methods and working with clay.
  • ART HISTORY (NON-STUDIO ELECTIVE) (Grades 10-12): Focuses on understanding, evaluating, and appreciating art and its historical significance in society.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY AND GRAPHIC DESIGN I, II, III (Grades 9-12): Courses focused on creative problem-solving using technology for expressive artwork, ranging from black and white photography to digital processes.

All courses are aimed at enhancing artistic abilities, nurturing creativity, and exploring diverse cultures and styles throughout history. Availability may vary across schools due to enrollment and specific curriculum offerings. These courses foster an environment where students can explore, create, and express themselves through various artistic mediums, nurturing a lifelong appreciation for the arts.